Instant pot HEALTHY Unwrapped Egg-Rolls

Got that craving that only greasy & fried Chinese food can fulfill, yet trying to be healthy so you can rock your favorite swim suit this weekend?? 😫

Fulfill that craving in about 5-minutes with our Healthy Instant Pot UNWRAPPED Egg Rolls! These “Egg Rolls” are low calorie, low carb, and made with all-natural ingredients. 😱

Better yet, this dish is budget friendly as it contains only 3 ingredients! Yes, you read that right, JUST 3!

But gets better! I have literally the pickiest eaters in the world and they absolutely LOVED this dish. Ok ok..I did have to bribe the first bite by promising a treat after dinner, but once they took that first bite they were BEGGING for more! #MomWIN 💪🏻😋

So, enough is enough, what are you waiting for? JUST COOK IT ALREADY! 


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Healthy Unwrapped Egg Rolls



  •  1lb turkey burger 
  •  1 bag (12oz) Coleslaw mix 
  • 1/2 cup low-sodium teriyaki mix 
  • Non-stick Cooking spray/ 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil 

To Prepare: 

 1) Press sauté mode, once hot, add turkey burger and continue to cook until browned.

 2) Once turkey burger is browned, add 1/2 cup of teriyaki sauce and de-glaze pot if necessary.

 3) Pour in bag of coleslaw mix. Do not stir. Close and seal lid.

 4) Cook on manual HIGH-pressure for 0-minutes. Quick release pressure. If desired, serve with your favorite won-ton chips and ENJOY!! 


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